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Sciatica is pain along the distribution the sciatic nerve. A lot of back
and leg pain is misdiagnosed as being sciatica when there is a muscular
cause. Myotherapy can help to correct the muscular
dysfunction and help to diminish the pain. Sciatica can be caused by a
number of factors they are disk bulges, muscle spasms, fascial tightness
and a dysfunctional pelvis.

Specific core stability programs can help to make the back
more stable and allow you to control your sciatica better. In a core stability program we will look to activate the inner stability muscles of the pelvis and back. then bring in the other muscles of the back to work in a stability role. Tecoma Myotherapy has given out core stability programs since 2003 and we have had some amazing results. The earlier treatment is administered the sooner your pain can be diminished.